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What is the eviction process for tenants?

You have been living in a rented home for a while now, but suddenly you find out you are being evicted. It may come as a shock to you and your family and you might not know what to do.

You might wonder what the process is. It is important to be sure your landlord is following appropriate eviction procedure to ensure that the process is legal. Following, are two procedures your landlord must abide by in order to make your eviction legal.

Appropriate notice

There are a few legal requirements your landlord must follow when serving you notice of eviction.

Notice of eviction must be in written form. It must also include the reason for eviction as well as the date when you must leave the property. This notice should be personally delivered to you or posted on your place of residence if you are unavailable.

Improper eviction

If your landlord wants to evict you they must follow proper procedure. This means your landlord cannot tell you to move right away or threaten to throw you out with force. For example, a landlord is not allowed to shut off your utilities in order to force you out of your home.

You must also be given proper advance notice. The number of days in which you should be given notice in advance might be included on your lease. If it is not included, general policy states that 30 days’ notice is required for lease breach-related eviction.

Your landlord is required to follow the eviction process through the District Justice. If you think your landlord is not following proper procedure, you may have legal grounds to protest your eviction.

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